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What We Offer


When your foundation settles it could cause settlement cracks in your foundation and allow water to leak through. If water is leaking through into your home, you will need to have a Professional Foundation Repair team to determine the best process to address the concern and reduce any further damage to your home.


If you have hydrostatic water pressure (water protruding where the wall and floor meet) a sump pump or below floor drainage system may be needed. Our Professional Foundation Repair team would determine the best process for you, to successfully resolve the water entering your home.


If you notice your foundation wall is bowing inward or you have horizontal cracks throughout your foundation walls, our Professional Foundation team and/or a structural engineer would determine which type of wall supports would best prevent the soil from pushing your foundation walls inward any further. To ensure your home is safe and stable, the wall supports could help maintain a safe structured home for you and your family.


If you notice cracking in your sheetrock on your upper level or notice some significant settling causing your floors to be unlevel. It is a possibility you will need piering to be installed underneath your foundation footer. Our Professional Foundation team and Structural Engineer will determine the best practice to address your foundation concerns.


When the crawl space has moisture build-up and odors are seeping from the ground into your home, a crawl space encapsulation is needed. The crawl space encapsulation helps lower your heating bills, helps avoid long-term damage, reduces any odors.


As the foundation ages and deteriorates causing damage to your foundation, repair or relay is sometimes needed. JH is here to help you in determining the correct need that is needed and make your foundation look good.

What Clients Say

average rating is 5 out of 5

I chose this company because of the favorable reviews when compared to other companies. We had a basement bedroom with damp carpet next to an outside wall. I called JH Restoration on a Monday and on the following Thursday, Jeff Hughes arrived as scheduled. A quick review both inside and outside the house by Jeff immediately recognized one or two possibilities; a foundation crack or water seepage through the wall. However, he went further and took a shovel and dug around the foundation wall and found the problem. It was neither a crack or seepage. It was a simple case of dirt not draining water during heavy rainstorms (we had a 6 inch rain the previous week). He removed the dirt and exposed the area where water was entering between the cement foundation and the wall base plate. For less than $100 he fixed the problem and said to call back the next time it rains. I could have been told I needed a sump pump and drainage or expensive sealant. I would not have known. I highly recommend JH as a reliable, trustworthy company that focuses on customer satisfaction rather than a quick sale to a naive home owner. K.

Kevin J.

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